Source Lab 3Y

Source Lab 3Y CD

Source Lab 3Y cover Source Lab 3Y back cover
Release Date1997
Catalogue NumberPM533<br>LC3098
Reference Number724384408428
Track Listing

Le Tone "Jean-Jacques Et Les Dauphins"
Mozesli "Sunshine"
Main Basse (Sur-La Ville) "Hunt One Connection"
Maisons Laffitte "Lapheetphunkateerz"
Influx "Doctor F"
Magic Malik "Obsession"
Grand-Popo Football Club "Salami Man"
La Methode Rose: "ODC"
Bel Air Project "Magik"
Black Strobe "Paris Acid City"
DJ Gregory "No Pain Without Your Love"
Taka Djahma "ABCD Mental"
Jean-Jacques Perrey/Air "Cosmic Bird"


The "I Love Source Lab 3Y" on the front cover (above) is a sticker on the outside of the case. The title is also shown on the top left of the cover.

There is a second volume called "Source Lab 3X" available.