36 15 Air Contributions

Thanks to everyone who still occasioanlly sends in a word or two of support, I do read them and appreciate every single one, even if I don't reply. Every one of these messages is a vindication of the ridiculous ammount of time, effort and money that I have put into this site.

Here is a list of everyone who I have recorded as contributing to this site. If you feel I have left you out, please let me know.

  • Chris T : Original sound files, content, ideas, beta testing, general knowledge of all things music.
  • Andrew Skilton : Content, content, content, sound files.
  • Chump : Motivation, Linux knowledge, advice.
  • Baharath Pillai : Sound files, enthusiasm.
  • Lindsay : Artwork.
  • Arvind Sharma : Press aricles.
  • Andy Watson : Press article.
  • Jon Jansen : Concert recording.
  • Rob van der Zwaan : Code / technical assistance.
  • Matt Hunter : Advice, firewall bug reports.
  • Ray Navara : Discography info.
  • Jérôme Nivet : Correct lyrics for Jeanne & A New World.
  • Robert Gieseke : Discography info, press articles and complete pages.
  • Dad : Proof reading and a lifetime of blind assurances that it was the milkman.
  • Jennifer Maerz : Press article.
  • Xristos : Mo Wax Modulor Mix single scans.
  • Jonic Linley : Web design guru.
  • Riemer ten Brink : Playground Love 7" info and scans.
  • Chris : Live review.
  • Grzegorz Koneczny : Information and scans.
  • Alejandra : Argentinian Talkie Walkie Review.