Gordini Mix - Alex Gopher

Gordini Mix CD EP

Gordini Mix cover Gordini Mix back cover
Release Date1997
Catalogue NumberSLD008CD
Reference Number033197014920
Track Listing
  1. Prepare to Quailfy (Mr Learn)
  2. Original Version (Alex Gopher)
  3. P1 Fuel in L32 Mix (Daphreephunkateers)
  4. Brakes On Mix (Air)
  5. Roue Libre Mix (Bang Bang)
  6. The Lord Of Monza Mix (Etienne de Crecy)
  7. Burn Out Mix (Mr Learn)
  8. Nikki Lauder Barbecue Mix (Extra Lucid)

The Air remix also appears on the re-release of Premiers Symptomes.