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The Music

What have they released?

Note: Catalogue/reference numbers are not given as they vary between formats and countries. See 36 15 Air for a full discography.
Air releases by date:

Date        |  Title
20.11.1995  |  Modular Mix
      1996  |  Casanova 70
04.07.1996  |  Le Solei est Pres de Moi
   07.1997  |  Premiers Symptomes
   01.1998  |  Moon Safari
   02.1998  |  Sexy Boy
   06.1998  |  Kelly Watch the Stars
09.11.1998  |  All I Need
14.09.1999  |  Premiers Symptomes (re-issue)
   11.1999  |  Eating, Sleeping, Writing and Playing (film)
14.02.2000  |  Playground Love
29.02.2000  |  The Virgin Suicides Score
??.??.2000  |  New Album (?)

Other Air material (remixes etc.)

Track name             |  Appears on:           |  By Artist:     |  Label
                       |                        |                 |
Brakes On Mix          |  Gordini Mix EP        |  Alex Gopher    |  Solid
                       |                        |                 |
Ralph & Kathy          |  YouMyBaby&I Album     |  Alex Gopher    |  Solid
                       |                        |                 |
Minor's Son            |  P-Town Rubies EP      |  Beth Hirsch    |  Dorado
                       |  Minor's Son EP        |                 |  Artefat
                       |                        |                 |
Purple La Femme        |  Purple Single         |  Crustation     |  Jive
 d'Argent mix          |                        |                 |
                       |                        |                 |
Home Air Around the    |  Home Single (CD 1)    |  Depeche Mode   |  Mute
 Golf Remix            |                        |                 |
                       |                        |                 |
Me Manquer Air Londres |  A New World Single    |  Etienne Daho   |  Virgin
 en Ete Remix          |                        |                 |
                       |                        |                 |
Rock in the Rain (?)   |  ?                     |  Money Mark     |  Mo Wax (?)*
                       |                        |                 |
Kootchi - Air Remix    |  Neneh Cherie  -       |  Neneh Cherie** |  Delabel
                       |   Remixes Album        |                 |
                       |                        |                 |
Latitudes - Air Remix  |  Latitudes Single      |  Ollano         |  Artefact
                       |                        |                 |
Cosmic Bird            |  Source Lab 3Y         |  Various        |  Source
                       |                        |                 |
Soldissimo             |  Superdiscount         |  Etienne de     |  Solid
                       |                        |   Crecy         |
                       |                        |                 |
Planet Vega            |  At Home With the      |  Various        | Grand Royal
                       |   Groovebox            |                 |
                       |                        |                 |
* It is uncertain if this actually exists.
** This is the spelling used on the release itself as opposed to the usual "Cherry". [M�rten Bystr�m]

What is the best album / song?

As at the last poll (eary 2000) Moon Safari was the favourite album and Talisman the favourite song from the album.

What raraties are there?

Note: This section does not discuss promos and other not-for-retail items as these are similar for the majority of major label artists and vary between countries.

The early singles (pre Moon Safari) are quite difficult to come by as are original releases of Premiers Symptomes. Similarly singles by other artists including Air remixes as b-sides vary in availability according to the artist.

Californie was released in very limited numbers in the US as a 7" flexi-disc with Sexy Boy as the AA side.

7" coloured vinyl copies of Sexy Boy and Kelly Watch the Stars can be found if you look in the right places but are none the less still quite rare.

There was a limited edition of the Premiers Symptomes re-release that has a punch-card sleeve with the word "AIR" in a different colour and had a video trailer to Eating, Sleeping, Waiting, and Playing as a bonus 'track' (this also appears on Eating, Sleaping, Waiting and Playing billed as the video to Le Solei est Pres de Moi).
The Japanese limited edition features exclusive remixes of Le Solei est Pres de Moi by Buffalo Daughter and Money Mark. [Robert Gieseke]

The French limited edition of The Virgin Suicides features the same track listing but comes in a card slip case. [Robert Gieseke]
The Japanese limited edition features Bathroom Girl (Demo Version) and Playground Love (Vibraphone Version), both B-sides of the Playground Love single. [Robert Gieseke]

Where can I find Air raraties?

Note: Before buying material for any artist, especially on-line or in other circumstances where you can not see the original packaging, it is wise to first check the discographies available on the web.

The first place to try is always your local record shop, ideally one that has a large vinyl section as early material seems to be easier to find on vinyl and shops that stock vinyl usually have a more eclectic selection in other formats. Most record shops will happily help you track down rare items.

On-line shops usually have the disadvantage of only stocking material has has not been deleted and often do not give full track listings. However compillations and other "Various Artists" releases are usually easier to obtian by this method.

Good on-line vendors include:

I have seen such-and-such Air record for sale, is it Air (French Band)?

See the discography section of this FAQ, or check one of the on-line discographies (see Internet Resources) . If it is pre 1996 then it is not Air (French Band).

Air 1+2 is not an Air (French Band) release. It is in fact a double CD (hence 1 + 2) by Peter Namlook on the Instinct/Fax label. [Frank Davis @ Astralwerks]
All tracks called Trip #X are by Peter Namlook (see http://www.cddb.com/xm/cd/newage/db1c68c2da117d81e45aa58fe219bbb0.html )
Elle a du Shell and The Third Dimension compliation are all by Peter Namlook.

There is a Japanese band/solo artist called Air. [Liquidation + Chris Twigg]

Air Supply, Air Liquide & Air Miami are all completely unrelated to Air (French Band).

Air on television

Air have been used as backing music for several TV commercials in various contries. It is not thought that they have produced original music for a commercial.

Air tracks are frequently used as backing music for program trialers and within programs themselves.

Air are believed to have writen at least one theme for a French TV show. The only information known (from an unconfirmed source) is that they have done one for Canal+.

When is the next tour / release?

The band have been saying in interviews recently that a second studio album has been recorded and is awating finalisation / release.
Provisional release date for the new album is autumn (fall) 2000.

No definate tour dates have been made public.