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Other Artists

Who sounds like Air?

What music are people into?

This qestion gets asked from time to time and usually elisits a large response covering a diverse range of artists. If you have been subscribed for a reasonable length of time (i.e. several months) and it has not cropped up feel free to ask, but in the mean time it is safe to assume that members of the list have varied music tastes covering many generes.

Other artists of interest

Note: See also Related Artists.

Related Artists

Note: Remixers / Remixees are not discussed here unless there is a greater connection than simply the remix.

Etienne de Crecy

Etienne de Crecy was tour manager for Orange and produced & mixed Modular Mix and Les Professionnels. In 1995 he teamed up with Alex Gopher and Pierre Michel Levallois to found the Solid label on which Air released their first two singles. Soldissimo, which appears on de Crecy's Super Discount is, by Air's own admission, less of a remix and more of a reworking of the guitar part from Les Professionnels.

Etienne de Crecy remixes appear on:
- Modular Mix (Stein House mix)
- Sexy Boy (Etienne de Crecy et les Flower Pistols remix)
- Kelly Watch the Stars (Edit / Video version)
- PLayground Love (Nosferatu Remic by Flower Pistols)

Etienne de Crecy is known to have operated under the following monikers:
Motorbass (with Cassius' Philippe Zadar), Stein House, Minos Pour Main Basse (Sur La Ville),

Alex Gopher

(Real name: Alex Latrobe)

Alex Gopher was in Orange with Nicholas Godin, JB Dunkel and Xavier Jameaux and breifly worked with Godin in 1991 before going their seperate ways. Co-founded Solid with de Crecy and his Gopher EP was the label's first release. His Gordini Mix EP featured the Air Brakes On mix which appears on the re-release of Premiers Symptomes. JB Dunkel guested on Ralph and Kathy, a track from Gopher's 1999 debut album YouMyBaby&I.

Francoise Hardy

Franciose Hardy co-wrote, and sung on, Jeanne, a Sexy Boy b-side.

Xavier Jameaux (aka Bang Bang)

Xavier Jameaux was a member of Orange with Nicholas Godin, JB Dunkel and Alex Gopher and is credited as "Sample Dealer" on Modular Mix. A Bang Bang remix of Beth Hirsch's P. Town Rubies appears on the EP of the same name. Bang Bang's debut album, Je t'Aime, Je t'Aime features an appearance by Patrick Woodcock on two tracks.

Ollano are Xavier Jamaux and Marc Collin plus two singers and other musicians (one song features Patrick Woodcock on "trompette wah wah"). Xavier Jamaux was in Orange and in the thanks-section he writes: "Salut enfin � Alex "Gopher" and Nicolas "Air" pour nos ann�es oranges et pas am�res." (~ for orange and not bitter years) [Robert Gieseke]

Beth Hirsch

American born Beth Hirsch was discovered at an audition by Ollano and through them became involved with Air providing guest vocals and recieving co-writing credits on Moon Safari's All I Need and Ce Matin La. JB Dunkel plays Rhodes on Hirsch's 1997 Minor's Son from the EP of the same name.

Mike Mills

The Mike Mills responsable for Air artwork, and videos, from Moon Safari onwards is not believed to be the Mike Mills of REM fame.

The GAP "West Side Story" television commercials were directed by Mills. [Nicholas]

Examples of Mills' work can be found at http://source.astralwerks.com/mills/.

Jean-Jaques Perry

Jean Jaques Perrey was a synthesizer pioneer. He composed music with tape loops, moogs, oniodines and other early equipment. His music often sounds a bit like 70s children's TV shows. [M�rten Bystr�m]
He is cited by Air as a major influence and co-wrote and performed Cosmic Bird, from Source Lab 3Y, with Air.


Phoenix, whose remix of Kelly Watch the Stars appears as a b-side of All I Need, have supported Air live on BBC televison's Later With Jules Holland show and Top of The Pops also appear on the Source compillation Source Rocks

David Whitaker

The David Whitaker that is credited for some of the arrangements on 'Moon Safari' works with orchestral arrangements. He also worked with Francoise Hardy and Serge Gainsbourg, both of whom influenced Air's music. [Liquidation]

Patrick Woodcock

Alglo-Parisian Patrick Woodcock worked with JB Dunkel before being Joined by Nicholas Godin to write Ce Matin La wich appared much later on Moon Safari. Woodcock plays tuba on Casanova 70, J'ai Dormi Sous l'Eau, Le Solei est Pres de Moi and Les Professionnels / All I Need. Current band is Mellow.

Family tree

Band names are in UPPER CASE.
Released material is in 'single quotes'.
Material released later is in "double quotes"

Air can be traced roughly down the left had side.

Abbreviations: NG: Nicholas Godin
               JB: Jean-Benoit Dunkel
              EDC: Etienne de Crecy
               XJ: Xavier Jameaux
               AG: Alex Gopher
               PW: Patrick Woodcock
               BH: Beth Hirsch

1985:  ORANGE  JB  NG    AG  XJ  (EDC management)
                |   |     |       |
                |   |     |       |
                +-+-+     |       Paris rave/
                  |       |       house scene
                  |       |               |
"Ce matin la" JB NG PW    |               |
---------------+--+---    |               |
               |  |       |               |
               |  |       |               |
1991:          |  +--- NG AG (unnamed)    |
               |  |    +--+-----------    |
               |  |       |               |
               +--+       |               |
               |          |               |
               |          |           MOTORBASS
               |          |               |
1994:   AIR  JB NG        |               |
        -------+--        +-------+-------+
               |                  |
1995:          |                AG EDC (Solid label)
               |                +-+-----------------
               |                  |
1996:          +--------+---------+
               |        |         |
               |  'Modular Mix'  'Super Discount' (EDC)
               |     (Solid)     'Gordini Mix' (AG)
               |                                 |
1997:          |                                 |
               +---------+                       |
               |         |                       |
               |     BH JB 'Minor's Son'         |
               |     -+--+--------------         |
               |      |  |                       |
               |      |  +----------+            |
               |      |  |          |            |
               +---+--+--+          |            |
                   |                |            |
                   |                |            |
1998:   JB NG BH 'Moon Safari'      |            |
        +---+--+--------------      |            |
        |   |  |                    |            |
        +-+-+  |                    |            |
1999:     |    |                    |            |
          |  Solo                   +------+-----+
          |                                |
          |                       JB AG 'Ralph & Kathy'
          |                       ---------------------
2000:     |
        JB NG
     'The Virgin Suicides Score'

[After Flipside magazine article 11/1999]