Moon Safari

Inkblot Review

Want to improve your love life? Sleep better at night? Master the essentials of a foreign language? Make more money from the comfort of your very own home? All you need is Air's Moon Safari. You'll dance with handsome strangers to the opiated Euro-disco of "Sexy Boy," woo them with the electric torch song romance of "You Make it Easy" and fall asleep in their arms to the comfortable groove of "Talisman."

OK, maybe Moon Safari won't increase your earning potential, and addressing a Parisian armed only with French song titles from instrumental tracks (the songs with lyrics are in English) may be unwise. But even if becoming a sophisticated continental lounge swinger isn't high on your priority list, this album is a handy lifestyle accessory.

For one thing, it cures hangovers. There's a warmth in Air's funkier tracks ("La Femme D'Argent") that feels like morning sunshine, easing into your tired bones and psyche without unnecessary fuss. The French horn-led "Ce Matin La," meanwhile, is Air's "Let's Go Away for a While," and it's so relaxing it makes Brian Wilson's pet sounds sound like two dogs barking.

From French easy, rare groove and spare house, Air have fashioned a surprise classic. It's all done with a mixture of nonchalance and striking virtuosity, and it will win over even the most severe francophobe.

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