Moon Safari

Launch Online Review

Floatation tanks and lunar orbits aside, cerebral French electronica specialists Air provide the perfect setting for daytripping through gooey dayglo canyons and fluffy, easy-listening dreams. Gathering Moogs, rapturous strings, cooing organs and primitive drum machines, maestros Nicolas Godin and Jean Benoit Dunckel sing through vocoders while their blissful tunes gurgle and fall. The bubbly "Kelly Watch The Stars" is an homage to Charlie's Angel Jaclyn Smith; "Le Voyage De Penelope" is a freaky Moog workout a la Switched On Bach with a beat; "Ce Matin La" is an easy-listening carnavale with gentle guitars, misty trumpets and weepy harmonica. Occasionally Air's sentimentality outweighs common sense, but a little cotton candy is okay after a journey among the planets. (6/7)