Moon Safari

Mojo Review

French music is in renaissance. Last year, Daft Punk and Motorbass produced remarkable albums that fused techno, funk and disco with populist verve. Moon Safari carries this unlikely trend onwards. Air are eclectic yet coherent, ethereal yet substantive. As with Daft Punk, it's their unique melange of sonic sources which charms - cyclic Krautrock riffs, Rhodes disco chords, shimmering Ray Manzarek keyboards, cheesy Vocoders, sleazy listening Moogs, wistful folkish picking. The duo have a sunny lightness a touch worthy of The Beloved at their peak, or even Can circa Future Days, and a wicked way with sweet, star-crossed melody. They are not embarassed to be shamelessly emotive, as on the swooning tear-jerker Talisman and the ballad You Make It Easy. Perfect pop, in other words. (Dance album of the month)