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Paris September 1999

After we finished the Virgin Suicides sountdrack in March, we took little holidays and formed our own label 'Record Maker', so we didn't start recording untill September. I think we have eight tracks, but it's too soon to say what will be on there, because that would be bad luck.

It's been pretty hard, because we did so much music last year: for the movie, a Mike Mills documentary and some TV shows. We want to be exciting all the time, but we have no starting point. We're starting from nothing.

For the soundtrack we didn't use any of the equipment from 'Moon Safari' - no Rhodes, no more Moog. Only organ, bass and strings, and now we've changed everything again. We want to have new toys. We've changed from the old studio to a smaller place in the center of Paris - we wanted to be more urban. We have no vocalists yet because we are at the composing point. I don't like this habit of using big names. The album will not have namedropping of celebrities on it.

We've been listening to Aphex Twin, Beck, and soundtracks. I like alot of country too, and we've just discovered 'Songs in the Key of Life' by Stevie Wonder - it has some crazy keyboards on it. The album by Mr Oizo was great too. He works in the same studio as us.

I think it will be finished in March and we'd like to release it immediatly, but we know that the buisness doesn't work like that. There's no title. We'll do it at the end when we realize what we've done. We're on a road and we don't know where it's going. I'm too involved now to judge what it sounds like. I need someone else to tell me what I'm doing!