Sexy Boy

Pitchfork Review

When you think about it, Air are not really unlikely superstars. With good electronic music just finally starting to break the mainstream and the popularity of the dance music scene in France, these guys are destined for at least fifteen minutes of fame.

Air just unleashed the critically- acclaimed Moon Safari on Source Records, a French electronic label distributed in the states by Caroline Records which also handles Astralwerks. Their video for "Sexy Boy" has made waves on MTV, and now they're presenting it in the lovable Remix EP format.

The most notable cut of the five is Beck's "Sex Kino Mix," which adds a retro, psychedelic, experimental vibe to the track's already incredible French-ness. It also opens with someone eating chips over the reverb- drenched moog and Casio-esque drum track. Another interesting piece is the beautiful "Jeanne" on which legendary French vocalist Francoise Hardy sings over lush atmospherics and acoustic guitar.

For a five- track EP, there's plenty of worthwhile material. And you can never have too much of a good thing. (76%)