Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK

Dancing Penguin

In a deeply subdued setting, with the eyes of 'Kelly' and the stars as our friends, six figures clad in white, distinguished by the neon glow that eminates from them, move to their respective instruments. At the front of the stage, amongst a vast array of keyboards, synths and numerous other gadgets, Mssers Goudin and Dunckel take their seats and then the music begins.

Sexy Boy and Kelly Watch The Stars are more lively versions of themselves and Dunckel takes great pleasure in played with the sampled, 'Sexy Boy' refain throughout.

What separtes Air from the rest is pure genius. To many, what would seem nothing more than a cheesy synthesiser soundtrack found more commonly found in the bargin-bins of your local record emporium, the duo take this theme to a far higher level, carrying on where Jean Michelle Jarre, Mike Oldfield et al have left off.

Towards the end of the main set, the band are joined by American vocalist, Beth Hirsh. 'I would just like to say how much this band enjoy playing here.' she says before finishing the set with the beautiful duo of All I Need and the aching You Make It Easy.

Tonight, Air came and justifiably conquered - and as their spaceship lands firmly back on earth, we have maybe learnt that not all French people are bad.