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22.VI.2004 I have added some more content: a unique live review. Work on the new site is pending me learning php...
18.VI.2004 I have added some content: Playground Love 7". I've also restored the picture gallery from an old backup as the front page was looking a bit bare, it used to have seven major sections and was down to two before the gallery came back. Steady as she goes... we'll get there eventually!
31.V.2004 Blimey! Has that really been a month?! Must have been I guess. The old site is now fully dead, the forwarding pages went up as a sort of internet gravestone.

I am (slowly) working on a face lift for the site.

30.IV.2004 Well, narly a year later and I've done another update. I say update, I really mean that I've changed the hosting to my own domain and server space. The problem with the freeserve hosting was that I had to use a freeserve dial-up to access it. (I.e. I couldn't work on it from work on via broadband from home.) Hopefully there should be some updates now. Another problem was the music. I didn't really get into 10,000Hz and I didn't even buy the spoken word album (see, I can't even remember what it's called!) but Talkie Walkie is great. And a couple of people have sent me stuff to include. Putting all this stuff here is all well and good but if it looks like no one cares then neither do I.

17.VI.03 10 000Hz Legend & Radio #1.

Finally! I have got off my ample rump and added the 10 000Hz Legend and Radio #1 details. Not that they had been stuck in the CD changer in my car for ages with the, now legendary, Absolute Shampoo CD.

01.V.03 It nerver rains but it pours! Several e-mails since the last update - cheers! One of them from the BBC (nice to see my licence fee is being used by Dan Kramer to surf the web).

On Monday May 6 2003 between 22.00 and 23.00 and Sunday May 11 07.00 and 08.00 BBC 6music will be playing an archive concert from Air from the Sheperd's Bush Empire from 1998

25.III.03 Modualr Mix Cover Scans.

Wow! So long since the last update. I am just monster bored at work (If anyone wants to give a job I will listen to all reasonable offers!) so I decided to add a cover scan and clear up some dead links. As I have said on the contributions page, this site won't grow or inprove without YOUR input.

P.S. Thanks to every one who still occasionally sends in a word or two of thanks. Without those this site would be well dead, you have finally guilted me into doing something.

1.VIII.00 Kelly Watch the Stars promo information.
24.VII.00 Three new press articles.
4.VII.00 A new press article and some additional Playground Love information.
3.VII.00 Added a Where Next? section for those of who are stumped now that they own all the Air records and want to know what to buy next.
26.VI.00 A couple of new press articles regarding the forthcoming album.
22.V.00 Just a couple of new press articles and a couple of new discography images.
1.V.00 Eating Sleeping Waiting and Playing information and extra songs added to the discography. Also the discogrpahy is now extensivly cross-linked thanks to the Perl I have been learning.
4.IV.00 Extra information added to various discography pages and At Home With The Groovebox information.
2.IV.00 Extra information added to various discography pages.
15.III.00 The Virgin Suicides and Playground Love cover scans.
28.II.00 The Virgin Suicides information and some minor changes.
21.II.00 Playground Love information, trading room added, corrected Lyrics to A New World.
26.I.00 Corrected Lyrics to Jeanne
20.I.00 Not much obvious, just routine maintanance really as I have mostly been working on the Air FAQ.
There should be new pictures appearing in the discography section asand when I get round to editing them.
5.I.00 Playground Love information and some new press articles.
17.XII.99 KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic information and some minor bug fixes.
16.XII.99 Beth Hirsch P-Town Rubies EP information.
14.XII.99 Some new press articles.
2.XII.99 The Virgin Suicides information, trailer and Clouds Up clip.
29.XI.99 Lots of tinkering and I want to hear what you want on this page in future. See contributing to this site for more details.
17.X.99 Site Relaunched

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