Taros TO&E

There was only one Aun confirmed as being present on Taros, Aun'Vre, who was killed by an Imperial assassin during operation Deathblow.

"The Tau Fire Warrior Command, under Shas'o R'myr, consisted of of approximately 80 to 100 Hunter Cadres. These Hunter Cadres were organised into larger battles for specific roles. Whilst flexible and fluid, so Battles can be formed and dissolved quickly, their main role throughout the campaign were either spoiling counter-attacks against the Imperial Guard frontline, or infiltration and sabotage operations against the Imperial Guard's rear echelons. Other Battles were formed for garrisoning duties, using human auxiliary forces, and Kroot Kindreds were used to occupy the Pyyra Heights."

Detailed information on the Fire Caste presence is limited to the projected table of organisation for Contingent El'Shi'Eldi. This is described as as being "a temporary organisation of between three and six Hunter Cadres" with command being "granted to the most experienced Shas'el" which may also "be accompanied by promotion to Shas'o." Each Hunter Cadre is lead by it's one Shas'el (and each is listed as having one of the Crisis commander variant suits). The full TO&E for the contingent is listed as follows:

I'm not going to list the all the six cadres (you'll have to buy the book for that) but they are all similar in nature to Hunter Cadre Shi'Eldi which is as follows:

Air caste assets are less clearly defined. Imperial estimates put the number of Barracudas at 120 and 40 Tigersharks. The projected TO&E of a single Air Cadre is listed as:

Orcas are not listed as being part of either Air or Fire caste TO&E but are mentioned as being used to insert Stealth teams in Imperial rear areas under cover of night and one was used to land a small team on an Imperial air strip.